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Quantum Flare: Invaluable Tool To Bring Maximum Protection
Quantum Flare App by CybX Security

Quantum Flare: Invaluable Tool To Bring Maximum Protection 

Whether you’re a professional user or a budding amateur, having the right protection tools in your arsenal is imperative for your privacy.

This is a real story-review about Quantum Flare by CybX Security, app that lets you quickly and easily protects you from apps that steal login credentials or credit card numbers. But that’s not all…

Before Quantum Flare

We find out that one of our friends got a problem with a lot of ads showing on his older model of smartphone, so we try out this amazing app with his beginner knowledge about privacy and protection on Android smartphone.

He didn’t know what app is showing these ads, but he know he was clicking X every 30 seconds or 1 minute when he is using he’s smartphone.

So we spend only few minutes with him to see if any problems with app installation or usage will occur.

Let’s take a look on video…

Quantum Flare in Action

After Quantum Flare

There is no question how the Quantum Flare works on newest smartphones, but we discovered that it works perfectly on older models.

After a few minutes of using, Quantum Flare is showing his strength by letting you choose what app to block, offers you “scan” option to see what apps don’t need internet access so your data can stay safe and much much more.

Our little beginner friend show us, that there is no more ads pop ups on his screen, and he was happy more then ever.

With the minimal use of apps on our friends side, Quantum Flare block 299 attempts from other apps and found 14 active trackers.

What Quantum Flare offers you

Anti-phishing & anti-ransomware protection

Protects you from apps that steal login credentials or credit card numbers. Complete ransomware threat attack protection.

View real-time app activity on your phone

User dashboard offers daily summary as well as detailed app level network connections and other background activity in real time. Secure your data by blocking apps or turning off certain background activities.

App level ‘Block Internet’ access

Quantum Flare automatically recommends apps that do not need internet access to function e.g. camera, flashlight or calculator.

Visualize locations of Servers used by Apps

Quantum Flare GeoIP feature shows the server locations that apps and their 3rd parties are connecting and communicating with globally.

Quantum Flare by CybX Security



  • Multiple Options
  • Daily updates


  • Interface

Final Verdict

One of the best firewall apps for Android we found.

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