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Top 5 Technology Trends For 2019
Top Technology Trends 2019

Top 5 Technology Trends For 2019 

Digital transformation drives companies to refresh their business strategies on an ongoing basis and most of the transition will be technology enabled.

Leaders in technology innovation and enterprise architecture need to evaluate these key trends in order to identify possibilities, counter threats, and establish competitive advantage.

1. Artificial intelligence

Does it looks like an AI (Photo: Ramon S.)
Does it looks like an AI (Photo: Ramon S.)

AI is all about machines with human characteristics – speaking, reading, seeing and even notice emotion – completing all tasks they can while also learning from repeated interactions.

According to US studies and consulting company Gartner, analysts predict that all kind of software will use AI at some stage within a few years.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain (Photo: Andre McKenzie)
Blockchain (Photo: Andre McKenzie)

Bitcoin’s digital currency fortunes have attracted global attention to blockchain technology, but this safe mechanism for recording and verifying transactions and storing trusted data has the potential to interfere with many types of businesses.

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Blockchain technology is used by companies to convert time-consuming, integrated, less reliable and less safe systems.

3. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (Photo: Appnovation)
Augmented Reality (Photo: Appnovation)

Systems that combine real-time 3D vision, sound, haptics (the sense of touch), location data, or even other senses such as smell enable people to plunge elsewhere, respond to what’s around them, and change their virtual world in real time.

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Would you use AR to lift efficiency for your internal stakeholders or help you chit-chat with your customer base?

4. Internet of Things

Google Home Mini and Smartphone IoT (Photo: Bence Boros)
Google Home Mini and Smartphone IoT (Photo: Bence Boros)

This is the basis for new business models, platforms and opportunities that will transform how we work and live with possible consequences that go far beyond the technology itself and involve disciplines such as economics, business, law and politics.

What can you learn from linking and analyzing data from your key operations products or components?

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5. Automation

Robot (Photo: Franck V.)
Robot (Photo: Franck V.)

Manufacturing robots date back to the 1960s. Currently, automation is trying to disrupt professional services such as the legal and finance industry, with feedback from these fields being that core technical abilities are more crucial than ever, along with leadership and human abilities.

How is automation going to interfere with your sector?

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