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Old School Network Defense Wireless Tools
Network Defense Wireless Tools
Network Security

Old School Network Defense Wireless Tools 

As the use of wireless systems raises, there will be an increase in the probability of network compromising (whether malicious or unwitting configuration).

Realizing that the network could always be compromised, the Wireless Network Defense Tools will help you control wireless networks robustly.


A suite of WEP and WPA cracking tools. Aircrack features ideal internet security solutions for mobile devices. Aircrack is vital for cracking algorithms. The suite’s tools include airdecap for WEP/WPA capture file decryption and airplay for packet injection. Several other tools are included as well, creating a robust set of apps for InfoSec use. For many wireless security tasks, Aircrack is an all-in-one solution.

The series of tools available within the suite allows for pros to handle an entire job at once. Some tasks may demand more than AirCrack has to offer. Many tasks can be accomplished only with AirCrack tools.


Free security software for Windows users. A necessary tool for wardriving, finding open access points in a wireless network. The software is Windows only, and no source code is provided. This can make for a hard sell to some. Being able to edit open source code can be critical for security.

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NetStumbler’s active WAP-seeking approach makes it very popular nonetheless. NetStumbler is known for detecting vulnerabilities that other security scanner tools miss.


Free software for Mac with an attractive It is accessible even for less experienced users. The Mac OS X port of Kismet, with a very different codebase.

KisMAC excels at mapping and penetration testing with deauthentication attacks.

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