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Instagram: 3 New Security Tools Added
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Instagram: 3 New Security Tools Added 

A blog post, titled “New Tools to Keep Instagram Safe,” published by Instagram Co-Founder & CTO Mike Krieger on August 28, the company announced addition of three security features: support for Third-Party Two Factor Authenticator Apps, About This Account, and Request Verification.

In order to increase security of logins to the application, Instagram added additional third-party two-factor authentication (2FA) softwares like Duo Mobile and Google Authenticator instead of text-based 2FA.

Instagram recommends enabling two-factor authentication on their app to protect their accounts from criminals since it adds an extra layer of security of entering a password sent to an user approved device when logging in into account.

In order to get checked, your Instagram account must follow its Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. In the case that your user account meets the criteria, you can apply for confirmation directly through the application.

Additionaly, “Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your account will be verified,” Instagram concludes.


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